Campionia is the emanation of our love for Bulgaria and football. We created this platform with the mission to improve every element of the system of this sport in our country. We put the main focus on the development of young Bulgarian footballers and their realization at the highest level. We strive to help and be useful to all who have influence and attitude towards the development of a young athlete – family, coaches, clubs. We organize seminars, provide individual help and consultations. We believe that when many people sincerely and wholeheartedly fight for a cause, it will sooner or later succeed. Let’s bring back up the Bulgarian football where it belongs!

Creating champions
Georgi Zahariev and Alexander Zahariev

At the heart of the creation of Campionia are two brothers – Georgi Zahariev and Alexander Zahariev. Their path in football started at an early age. After a few years as players in the academy of PFC Slavia, they chose to continue on different paths. At the moment Georgi is a licensed football agent in the Bulgarian Football Union, and Alexander is a coach in PFC Slavia. You can learn more about us here:

One of the main problems in Bulgarian football is the lack of discussion, the lack of different opinions. The closed circle of people who lead and make decisions at the highest level leads to clientelism and conformism. The differing opinions are criticized and the new proposals against the status quo are rejected. That’s why we decided to create a blog in which to share ideas, give useful information and make constructive criticism. Since all the things we write about are specific to the Bulgarian football, the blog in only available in Bulgarian language. Nevertheless, you can still see some of the things we do in our news cention:

Football agency in Bulgaria
Футболна методика

Since 2019 we are the official representatives of Coerver Coaching for Bulgaria. Part of our mission is to educate the Bulgarian coaches, who in turn work with the young Bulgarian players. The system is such that if you want to have better players, you need better coaches. And in order to have better coaches, you need better coach education. We believe that Coerver Coaching provides the best methodology in the world. You can see more about Coerver Coaching by checking their official website: