Campionia conducted the largest survey among parents of football players in Bulgaria

Анкета за родители

Campionia would like to thank all the parents who filled in the survey! Over 1800 people from all over Bulgaria took the time to answer 51 questions. The information gathered will benefit everyone:

  • football coaches in Bulgaria will be able to analyze the answers and consider how they can improve communication with the parents of their players. We at Campionia definitely believe that it is necessary for the coaches to convey their requirements more accurately and clearly to the parents, because the athletes spend more time at home than at the stadium. And if, for example, the coach reassures a player and tells him that the result in a game is irrelevant, but at home the family talks all the time about the league position, goals and 3 points, then surely the child will be confused and most likely will play with tension during the games.
  • parents will be able to analyze the results in the survey and see where they stand compared to everyone else in their reasoning. We will soon make a special analysis in which we will address some of the issues that we consider particularly important. We hope that mothers, fathers, and other relatives who spend time with the young people will be able to consider whether they make mistakes and how they can be even more helpful to their children in their football career.
  • children will be able to better understand their parents, their desires and thoughts. We hope that if necessary, they will comment with them on everything that worries them, initiate meetings between them and their coaches and will be brave enough to seek advice and discuss their problems.

We, for our part, will be sending a separate official letter to the Bulgarian Football Union, because we believe that leaders of football in Bulgaria can also extract useful information. When we go in one direction, the road is easier! Together we can bring Bulgarian football back to where it deserves to be!