One of the biggest Bulgarian talents – Bojidar Kostadinov, moved to the Italian club Parma. The transfer of the player took place with the help of Campionia – the management agency that truly supports the young players and coaches in Bulgaria. The transfer came after successful trials in Parma – a team in which Hristo Stoichkov and Valeri Bojinov have played. Impressed by the qualities of the player, the coaches and the management of the Italian club decided to sign him.

Who is Bojidar Kostadinov? Born in 2004, he plays as a playmaker or left wing. His entire career so far has been spent in the academy of Slavia Sofia. He uses both legs equally well, and what sets him apart the most is his technique and one-on-one play. He himself has repeatedly mentioned that the Coerver camps, which he has visited abroad over the years, have been extremely helpful in his development. The team of the Campionia would like to thank all the coaches from Slavia who have worked with Bojidar Kostadinov over the years and have left their mark on his style of play. Last but not least, we would like to thank PFC Slavia for their full cooperation – a team that continues to prove that it is number 1 in Bulgaria when it comes to the development of young players.

You can see a video with Bojidar’s highlights here:

The founder of Campionia Georgi Zahariev took part in one of the biggest football conferences in the world – SoccerEx. The the event took place in Hainan Island in China. SoccerEx is organized 3 times per year, once in Asia, Europe and America, and is considered the event that is the biggest driver of innovation in the world of football. Frequent guests and speakers are directors at FIFA and UEFA, presidents of leading football teams and local federations, famous agents, legendary footballers and people who are shaping the future of the most popular game in the world. At the same time, a number of leading companies use the event as an exhibition to present their innovative products and solutions to help clubs and federations around the world. Here is a short video that can help you get an idea of ​​what SoccerEx is (you can even see Georgi Zahariev shaking hands with a Chinese participant):

Some of the main highlights of SoccerEx China this year:

  • The adversities ahead of Chinese football and what is the future of the sport in the most populous country in the world (Cai Yun – Chinese Football Federation)
  • How data collection, processing and analysis is changing the world of football (Daniel Stenz – Technical Director of Shandong Lunon)
  • The future of football recovery (Marie Farag, nutritionist)
  • Promoting football in the 21st century – marketing strategies (Luis Liu – Wanda Sports)
  • Television rights, streaming, advertising (Patrick Murphy – Football Marketing Asia)
  • How the Bundesliga wins fans in China (Patrick Stuber – Director of the Bundesliga for China)
  • Why La Liga’s popularity is growing in China (Sarah Zhu – La Liga representative in China)
  • Why 40% of FC Barcelona’s partnership revenue comes from Asia (Jordi Camps – FC Barcelona International Director)
  • Why children no longer listen to their fathers on which team to sympathize with (Scott Moon – Director of City Football Group for China)

These are just some of the main topics that were discussed. During the event there were many panels in which each participant could join and ask questions. During the breaks, all lecturers and guests met in some of the designated areas and discussed in a narrower circle the problems of modern football. Here is a video of one of the most interesting discussions about coaching and working with youngsters. It was attended by the director of the Ajax AcademyCorne Groenendijk, Jean-Pierre Papin, Borussia Dortmund’s coordinator for China – Marius Lorenz and others:


Georgi Zahariev during SoccerEx China

Georgi Zahariev during SoccerEx China

Presentation during SoccerEx

Presentation during SoccerEx


The second coaching meeting of its kind will be held in Sofia on January 4 and 5, 2020. The organizers of the event are Georgi Zahariev – Bulgarian football agent and founder of Campionia, together with the director of the academy of FC “Spartak 1919” Radostin Alexandrov.

The idea of ​​the meeting / seminar is to discuss some pressing issues in working with youngsters in Bulgaria and to give guidance and examples. The format will be based on presentations and discussions. There will be several topics that will be presented by certain speakers after which we hope to get a useful discussion for all.

A special guest will be Daniel Bale – a coach with many years of experience in England, who worked for “Leicester”, “Birmingham” and “Nottingham Forest”. Bale is the head of the Nottingham Forest academy, holds a UEFA “A” license, has completed all Youth modules in England and holds the highest level of psychology courses at the English Football Association. All invited guest presenters are as follows:

Daniel Bale (UEFA “A”) – Head of the Nottingham Forest Academy in the 12-16 year old phase
Alexander Gitsov (UEFA “A”) – assistant coach at Floridadsdorfer and head coach of the B team
Danail Ivanov (UEFA “A”) – head of the 7-11 year olds at the academy of PFC “Levski” (Sofia)
Radostin Alexandrov (UEFA “A”) – director of the academy of FC “Spartak 1919”

The seminar will be divided in two days in order to cover more purposefully and in detail the topics that will be discussed. On the first day, the topics will be focused on the work with the youngest – from 7 to 12 years, and on the 5th of January, Sunday, more emphasis will be placed on the work with 12-18 year olds. The topics will be diverse in order to answer as many questions related to the development of young players, as well as to share different views and methods to help solve some of the problems encountered in the training process in our country. The purpose of the seminar is not financial benefits, but to start the year with fresh knowledge and a desire to improve. If there is enough interest, I hope it won’t take long before we make the another coaching meeting. All the lecturers we contacted were very enthusiastic and have prepared extremely interesting topics for presentation. We thank all of them for responding and for sharing part of their experience and knowledge with all the participants.

After long negotiations and a lot of efforts we can now officially announce – Campionia is now the official exclusive representative of Coerver Coaching for Bulgaria. Expect many events, individual training sessions for kids, coaching courses, summer and winter camps. For those of you who don’t know: Coerver is the most famous football methodology in the world. It is based on the Dutch model of work and the main focus is on improving the technical qualities of the players. You can see the welcome video:

For more information, please visit the Coerver website:


Campionia would like to thank all the parents who filled in the survey! Over 1800 people from all over Bulgaria took the time to answer 51 questions. The information gathered will benefit everyone:

  • football coaches in Bulgaria will be able to analyze the answers and consider how they can improve communication with the parents of their players. We at Campionia definitely believe that it is necessary for the coaches to convey their requirements more accurately and clearly to the parents, because the athletes spend more time at home than at the stadium. And if, for example, the coach reassures a player and tells him that the result in a game is irrelevant, but at home the family talks all the time about the league position, goals and 3 points, then surely the child will be confused and most likely will play with tension during the games.
  • parents will be able to analyze the results in the survey and see where they stand compared to everyone else in their reasoning. We will soon make a special analysis in which we will address some of the issues that we consider particularly important. We hope that mothers, fathers, and other relatives who spend time with the young people will be able to consider whether they make mistakes and how they can be even more helpful to their children in their football career.
  • children will be able to better understand their parents, their desires and thoughts. We hope that if necessary, they will comment with them on everything that worries them, initiate meetings between them and their coaches and will be brave enough to seek advice and discuss their problems.

We, for our part, will be sending a separate official letter to the Bulgarian Football Union, because we believe that leaders of football in Bulgaria can also extract useful information. When we go in one direction, the road is easier! Together we can bring Bulgarian football back to where it deserves to be!

Coerver Coaching organized their first football camp for coaches in Bulgaria. The event was held in the National Sports Academy in Sofia and lasted two days. The main organizers were one of the most promising coaches in Europe – Milen Gadjev and Danail Ivanov.  Campionia was the main partner of the event. The camp consisted of two parts – theoretical and practical. Almost 100 coaches from Bulgaria took part in the seminar. The participants were introduced to the Coerver coaching methodology and then the main lecturer Lorenzo Sodero demonstrated everything in a training session with the talented kids from Olympia FC.

Coerver is one of the most famous football methodologies in the world. It’s used in more than 30 countries, including Holland, Italy, England, Spain, France, USA, Japan and others. Some of the best coaches have used it in clubs such as Ajax, Bayern Munich, Arselan, Juventus, Olympique Marseille, Benfica, Newcastle, AC Milan, Lazio, Inter and the French national team. The focus of Coerver coaching is the so called “Golden age”- kids between 7 and 12 years old. The goal is to teach them ball mastery, ball control, 1v1 play, passing and receiving the ball.

Campionia is proud that it was part of this amazing event. We are looking forward to working with Coerver again in the future.

Almost 300 coaches completed the most comprehensive survey among coaches ever done in Bulgaria. The goal was to be able to better understand what problems the football coaches face and what needs to be approved. At the end of the survey there was an open ended question about recommendations the coaches would like to give to the Bulgarian football union and the Bulgarian football coaching school.

We hope we can start a dialogue about the future of our sport and what steps need to be taken in order to improve the quality of the coaches as well as the working conditions. After all, the quality of the next generation of football players is directly affected by the quality of our coaches.

One of the most awaited conferences in the football world took place this Friday at St. George’s Park – the home of the British Football Association. Some of the speakers included:


Aine MacNamara – Elite Performance consultant
Chris Ramsey – Queens Park Rangers – technical director
Pedro Ferreira – Head of talent ID at Benfica
Ross Wilson – Southampton FC
Floyd Woodrow – Former SAS and senior military member
Jeff Davis – National elite development manager (disability football)
Ben Jones – Professor at Leeds Beckett University

The founder of Campionia, Georgi Zahariev, attended the event.