Георги Захариев - кандидат за президент на БФС

Georgi Zahariev will run for president of the Bulgarian football federation in the upcoming elections. The other two main candidates are the World Cup bronze medalist Borislav Mihaylov and the Manchester United legend Dimitar Berbatov.

The goal of Georgi Zahariev will not be to win the elections, but to start a discussion about the future of the Bulgarian football and to put to the test the ideas of the other candidates. The founder of Campionia will invite them for debates on all national TVs and main sport websites. As most people know, the Bulgarian football is in a big crisis that lasts already more than a decade. It’s time for us to face the facts and act accordingly.

Georgi Zahariev has written a detailed program for the development of the Bulgarian football that he will present in front of the media in the coming weeks. Here is a preview of his ideas: